About us

Voice Of Teso has been on Air since 1998 and has grown from a municipal station to cover the entire Teso sub region and neighboring areas in the Eastern and Northern parts of Uganda as well.

It is currently one of the most prominent brands under the Voice Media Group ( VMG ) with a lot of good will from both the clients and listeners of the radio due to its pronounced presence in the region.

Voice Of Teso is now and has been for over a decade the leading radio station among ALL segments of society in these areas of Uganda ever since setting a foot print in the region, by addressing issues such as Gender, Education, Health, Entertainment and Poverty Alleviation. This makes it the perfect radio station for the population sensitization and promotion of campaigns including Entertainment in the region.

The intention of Voice Of Teso is to create an enterprise that is growing and set the pace with innovation of programs that are tailored for our clients to fit their advertisement and promotions.

These programs are intended to target the audience that fall in the demography of the population between 23 and 40 years of age. The combination between the client and the audience that Voice Of Teso intends to target forms the main mission.

Our Vision: To be one of the strongest media brand in East Africa

Mission: Development through Radio in provision of infortainment

Values: Trust worthy